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Mid Century Bronze Vase or bell with hammered finish


Mid Century Bronze Vase



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This is an interesting piece. It appears to be a vase or possibly a bell. It has a nice ring to it when struck with a wooden mallet. The bronze casting is very heavy and it has a hammered look to it. There is a small hole on the collar around the base which I cannot figure out the function of. Also on the base is a sort of protrusion that looks like it could have been used to hang it from. My guess is that this is a mid century period piece. The finish is excellent, with some nice green verdigris on some of the surface giving it a mottled look . It measures 10 3/4″ high by 3 1/2″ wide. The piece weighs almost 8 pounds, so before purchasing please call or email us for a shipping quote We charge no handling fee. We can be reached at, 802-454-1454, or email us at :, please include your zip code.