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Ebony Tantalus Box Gold Silver Ivory Inlay

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Gold Inlaid Tantalus Box and Bottle



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This is a really remarkable tantalus box. These were used to lock up bottles of liquor. This piece is made of mahogany, the entire outside is veneered with ebony. The inside is veneered with rosewood. The inlay is truly stunning on this. With gold, silver, ivory and what may be coral or possibly red enamel. The top folds up to reveal 3 compartments which held 3 small bottles, one of which has survived. The bottle is free blown and has very faint traces of gold paint designs, a typical late 18th early 19th century small decanter measuring 6 inches high by 3 inches wide. The inside has ivory string inlay. I believe this box to be of German or French origin and would put the date at circa 1800-1830.There is a paper stamp on the bottom which I cannot read clearly. There are some condition issues with it. Some of the wire inlay is missing, some of the ebony inlay has been repaired at one time. The lock is missing and the lid does not completely close. A very decorative box. The measurements for the box are, 11 inches wide by 7 inches high by 5 inches deep.