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Scrimshaw Whale Ivory Sailors Whimsey

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Wonderful folk art scrimshaw whale ivory sailors whimsey.



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A one of a kind sailors whimsey. This nautical item was made by a sailor on a whaling vessel probably during a voyage. These type of items were called sailors whimseys because of the whimsical creations the sailors came up with. This particular piece is made of a round piece of whale ivory mounted on a whale bone spindle to enable it to turn. Onto the round piece there are 5 thin sheets of whale ivory onto which each piece depicts whale in progressive stages of spouting. This would allow a person to spin the piece to simulate a moving picture of a spouting whale. This piece dates to c. 1850. Most likely made by a sailor on the eastern coast of the US. The base is made of a turned disc of wood with a whale bone nut at the bottom to hold the spindle. When I purchased this at the estate in Woodstock Vermont it only had the wood disc it was mounted on, I added the larger dark wood disc to set it on and the glass globe which fits over the entire piece. The ivory piece measures 5 inches in height from the where it is attached to the wood base to the top of the handle or finial. It measures 2 1/2 inches wide. the original base measures 4 inches wide ,the glass dome is 7 inches high by 5 inches. There are come chips and cracks on the thin sheets of ivory , all these cracks can be seen in the pictures in which I show every sheet.There is a very thin ivory spindle which inserts into a hole on the larger spindle mounted on the base, the thin spindle is missing the end but the whole piece still turns fine. There is a small star shaped crack on the glass dome which does not affect the structural integrity of it. This would make a great centerpiece to a collection of nautical artifacts, I sincerely believe it you will not see another like it.


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