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Whale Ivory Corkscrew

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This corkscrew was made circa 1840-1870. It is made with a whale ivory or whale tooth handle. This was the heyday of whaling. cont below….



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The ships would sail out of ports in Boston or other cities, in search of whales to hunt for the oil, which was used in the lamps back then, one of the main sources for light.

This corkscrew may have been made by one of the sea men while on such a journey. These are quite rare, this being the only one I have seen in many years of collecting. This piece has a great surface patina and color to it. It is all original and is in excellent condition. The worm is nice and sharp. There are a couple of small age cracks which do not in any way affect the appearance or integrity of the piece. It will open a bottle of wine with ease. The measurements are: handle- 3 1/2″ long . From top of handle to bottom of worm; 4 1/2″.